Laboratorios Ovejero has an extensive portfolio of pharmacological products to respond to the diversity of pathologies and needs in different animal species.

These products include antibiotics, antiparasitics, hormones for the synchronization of the reproductive cycle, vitamins and disinfectants.


Intravaginal sponge

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Medroxyprogesterone acetate, 60 mg. Polyurethane sponge.

Target species and indications


Synchronization of heat.
Induction of heat in ewes during the anestrus period if medroxyprogesterone acetate is used with PMSG (pregnant mare serum gonadotropin).

Posology and method of administration


The sponges must be placed with the help of an applicator and must be previously decontaminated (do not use to decontaminate: alcohols, cresols, phenols…).
The sponge must be in the vagina for 12 to 14 days. The sponges have to be removed after 12 – 14 days and an intramuscular injection of 400 – 600 UI of PMSG should immediately be managed. The injection of PMSG has to be after of to remove the sponge because might have a decrease of the ovulation.
The ewe can be covered at 36 – 48 hours after of the remove of the sponge. Stress must be saved during and after of the covering.
The females that haven´t been covered in the first oestrus will be in oestrus at 15 – 17 days. This second oestrus can be synchronized too.

Presentation and withdrawal period

Transparent polyethylene bags with 25 sponges that are placed in an opaque white bag.

0 days.

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