Hygiene and Nutrition

Laboratorios Ovejero produces a complete range of hygiene and nutrition solutions to ensure animal health and welfare.

This line of products is made to disinfect and protect the animal from all types of infections, in addition to supplementing its diet with vitamins, amino acids and complementary feed.


Oral solution
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Vitamin A, 1 M.I.U.; vitamin D3, 200,000 IU; vitamin E, 200mg; vitamin K3, 75mg; Vitamin B1 200mg; vitamin B2, 300mg; vitamin B6, 150mg; vitamin B12, 0.25mg; vitamin C, 1000mg; Nicotinamide, 1800mg; D-fanthenol, 850 mg; Alanine, 1200mg; Arginine, 780mg; aspartic acid, 1560 mg; Phenylalanine, 780 mg; Cystine, 120mg; glutamic acid, 1740 mg; Glycine, 1380 mg; histidine, 660mg; Isoleucine, 180mg; Leucine, 1500mg; Lysine, 1320mg; methionine, 120 mg; Proline, 960 mg; Serine, 780mg; tyrosine, 360mg; threonine, 660 mg; Valine, 1020 mg. Excipient, c.s.p. 100 ml.

Target species and indications

Bovine, caprine, cunicle, equine, fowl, ovine, pets and porcine.

Posology and method of administration

Oral with drinking water.

Fowl: 1 ml per liter of drinking water.
Ruminants: 1-3 ml per liter of drinking water depending on the age and general condition of the animals.

Presentation and withdrawal period

1 liter bottles or 5 liter drums.

0 days.

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