Laboratorios Ovejero has an extensive portfolio of pharmacological products to respond to the diversity of pathologies and needs in different animal species.

These products include antibiotics, antiparasitics, hormones for the synchronization of the reproductive cycle, vitamins and disinfectants.

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Injectable solution for treatment of lack stages.


2- aminoethyl dihydrogenophosphate (Phosphorylcholamine), 8 g; Vitamin B12, 5 mg; Vitamin A, 500.000 I.U., Vitamin E, 2 g.
Excipient, q.s.f. 100 ml.

Target species and indications

Cattle, horses and swine.

In case of deficiency disease due to lacks of phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin E, rickets, osteomalacia, constitutional weakness, conjunctivitis, night blindness, xerophtalmia, eczema, dermatosis, stress situation, decrease in organic resistance, sterility, premature abortions, convalescencent of infectious disease and after an antiparasitic treatment in any animal with zootechnic interest.

Administración y dósis

Route: Deep Intramuscular.

Bovine and equine: 25 ml of POLYFIL per animal and day until the total remission of the symptoms equivalent to 2 g of 2 – aminoethyldihydrogenophosphate (Phosphorylcholamine), 1.25 mg of Vitamin B12, 125,000I.U. of Vitamin A and 0.5 g of Vitamin E.

Swine,calves and colts: 12.5 ml of POLYFIL per animal and day until the total remission of the symptoms equivalent to 1 g of 2 – aminoethyldihydrogenophosphate (Phosphorylcholamine), 0.625 mg of Vitamin B12, 62,500I.U. of Vitamin A and 0.25 g of Vitamin E.

Presentation and withdrawal period

50 and 100 ml.

0 days.

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