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Laboratorios Ovejero S.A.U. is a pharmaceutical company that produces veterinary products and medicines integrated in Ovejero Group, which includes different companies related to animal health and biotechnology located in several European, American and Asian countries.

With over 70 years of experience, Laboratorios Ovejero has a wide range of veterinary products and value-added services for the health care of most animal species, which are already sold in more than 50 countries.
His commitment to research has been accentuated in recent years with the development of biotechnological products following the highest demands of safety and efficiency.

Our History

The laboratory begins its activities

Inauguration of the first freeze-drying plant for industrial production of vaccines + development of the first vaccine against bluetongue

Launch of the first vaccine against classic swine fever

Ovejero opens the first plant for the production of specific pathogen-free eggs (SPF). Launch of avian vaccines + launch of the vaccine against brucellosis.

Ovejero launches vaccines for the treatment of myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease in rabbits.

Inauguration of modern production plant under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.

International expansion to Latin America (three subsidiaries), Asia (Philippines headquarters) and Europe (purchase of Biowet Drwalew Poland in 2010).

It now forms part of ZENDAL GROUP, changing its name to LABORATORIOS OVEJERO, S.A.U.


Laboratorios Ovejero has the mission of offering veterinarians effective and profitable solutions for the care and prevention of animal health, in order to contribute to their well-being and that of people.

Through a careful R & D & I policy, Laboratorios Ovejero develops products and services that optimize animal health, generating added value in the agri-food chain, in terms of quality assurance and firmly betting on food safety and sustainability.


Laboratorios Ovejero, a comprehensive vision of health aligned with One Health

Under the umbrella of the One Health movement, the laboratory markets its products in more than 50 countries, in line with global demands that advocate the development of alternative therapies to the use of antibiotics to avoid resistance that put human and animal health at risk.

Production plant

Central Plant: Laboratorios Ovejero (Spain)

Laboratorios Ovejero has a modern manufacturing plant in León (Spain)

Founded in 1948, Laboratorios Ovejero made an important industrial breakthrough in the 1990s, culminating in the inauguration of a new production plant in León, which meets the strict Good Manufacturing Practices GMP.



Commercial Subsidiaries

Laboratorios Ovejero commercializes its products in more than 50 countries through its commercial subsidiaries.


Laboratorios Ovejero S.A

León (España)
Email: export@labovejero.es

Laboratorios Ovejero Argentina

Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Email: export@labovejero.es

Laboratorios Ovejero México S.A,

Puebla (México)
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Laboratorios Ovejero Perú

Lima (Perú)
Email: export@labovejero.es


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